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The Whakatira Way

The Whakatira Way is an Indigenous model of effective strategic leadership, which informs our consultancy approach. It is grounded in te ao Māori leadership dynamics and shapes our company strategy, operational management, sector engagement and service delivery.

Ko te tohu o ngā rangatira, he manaaki i te tāngata:

The symbol of leadership is caring for people.

Ko te kai o ngā rangatira, he kōrero:

The sustenance of leaders is communication.

Ko te mahi o ngā rangatira, he whakatira i tōna iwi:

The duty of leaders is uniting the people.

People-driven engagement 

Regardless of the size and make up of a team, organisation, stakeholder group or community forum, people-driven engagement is foundational to the Whakatira Way. 

Strategic communication

The gift of being an influential communicator comes with the responsibility to listen and articulate the voices of those you lead. Strategic communication provides you with the tools to support your organisation to achieve their outcomes.

Collective impact

The primary role of a leader is to keep people moving forward together. The Whakatira Way places importance on facilitating collective awareness, rapport, collaboration and impact.

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